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A Blueson live set is a "Chicago Blues" style experience on it's own. Tight as a duck's butt, spiced up by powerful horns and gripping vocals. Before you know you'll be shaking your money maker all over the dance floor.
Resistance is futile

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'Live in Hasselt' Borrelhuis 27/05/07
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Enjoy some new songs of Blueson in
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On the 'Pictures & Music' tab you will see live recordings, former gig compilations with covers and some own songs.

new: gig at 'Bara n33' in Anderlecht, March 2023

Bara Brussels 2023 - YouTube

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Lod Lavkistraat, 30
B-3500 Hasselt

Tel.: +32 (0) 476 21 85 48


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